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Pickers of mandarin oranges in Batumi, Georgia (1950s)

Cotton harvesters near Samarkand, Uzbekistan (1972)

Harvesting radish on island Iturup of Kuril Islands (Russian Far East). Photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s).

Sovkhoz in Koktebel, Crimea. Preparing grapes for shipping to Northern areas of the country.

Photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s).

Harvesting tomatoes (USSR, 1950s). Photo by Semyon Fridlyand.

In most areas of the USSR tomatoes needed to be grown in greenhouses to ripe.

“When our plans have been realized, our spacious home will become richer. Proud of our great work, we will come together at the table of All-Union fest of prosperity!”

(The lady’s shirt reads “Seven-year plan”)

Soviet propaganda poster by G. Shubina (1959)

Cucumber harvest (1950s)

“Kzyl Uzbekistan” kolhoz. Agronomist Z. Fakhrutdinov picks lemons. Photo by Maks Alpert. (via)

Apple picking near Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), 1972

Postcards by Irina Iskrinskaya (1968)

Happy Harvest, Housewarming and general congratulations.

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