Category: history

International exhibition of modern arts and crafts in Paris. USSR section. Cover by Alexander Rodchenko (1925)

January 1987 in Moscow, photo by Viktor Budan and Aleksandr Zavyalov.

“The Last Night” by Viktor Dmitriyevsky

Astoria hotel in Leningrad, photo by John Schultz (1958)

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva, published in Funny Pictures in February 1971.

Airworkers’ House of Culture in Leningrad (c. 1930)

Grandmother and granddaughter making bread, photo by by Viktor Sadchikov (1987)

Snowfall in Batumi, Georgia. Photo by N. Ananyev (1986)

Vladivostok, Russia. Photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s)