Category: Illustration

March covers of Murzilka (1940, 1949, 1951, 1966, 1970, 1990)

“Mice Complain”, illustration from Funny Pictures magazine

“Summer will not pass in vain”, postcard by M. Solomyanny (Ukraine, 1959)

“Spring is here”, illustration by I. Savina 

Illustration by K. Kascheyev, published in Murzilka in March 1952.

Illustrations for “The Fox With a Rolling Pin” diafilm by Pyotr Repkin (1955)

Spring. Illustration by T. Yeryomina (1950s)

“Smoke is coming out of the chimney / Which means my sonny boy / Is cooking and baking / And expects me for dinner.”

Illustration by Tatyana Kolyusheva

Postcard by I. Znamensky and B. Stepanstsev (1964)

Illustration by V. Andriyevich