Category: Illustration

The Man and the Bear, Russian folk tale illustrated by Yevgeny Rachyov (postcard from 1955)

Go There Don’t Know Where, Russian folk tale illustration by Nikolai Kochergin (postcard, 1956)

Cover of Funny Pictures, November 1987. Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of October Revolution in Russia.

Cover of Funny Pictures, November 1967

“What a wonderful carousel”, illustration by Yu. Fyodorov

I had a wonderful long weekend away, and now I’m home and ready to fill your dashes with Soviet cuteness! 🙂

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1965)

Hare’s Wooden House, postcard by Yury Vasnetsov (1958)

Cinderella illustration by Nika Goltz (1956)

“Space House” – Salyut-4 orbital station, Soyuz cargo ship, Progress cargo ship.

Illustration by I. Kabakov (1979)

“29 October 1918 – Congress”, illustration by Nikolai Ustinov (1978)