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Porcelain teacup with saucer commemorating International Women’s Day (March 8). Manufactured at Dulyovo Porcelain Factory in late 1930s.

Женский быт. Манифест агиттеатра «Синяя блуза»:

Awesome 1920s-styled Women’s Day postcards

Women’s Day poster by V. Konyukhov (1979)

“Happy holiday, dear women!” Soviet poster by I. Kominarets (1976)

Happy Women’s Day! The usual wishes for this day go along the lines of ‘be beautiful’ and ‘be lovely’, but that’s not what I want for you. For us. I want you to be strong. To stand for what you believe is true. To fight for your dreams. To never, ever feel inferior.

We can do it all!


(Postcard by L. Dalidovich, 1965)

Soviet matchbox labels commemorating Women’s Day (March 8) (via)

K. Vladimirov, 1964
N. Kolesnikov, 1973

Early spring landscape on Women’s Day postcards. All three postcards are by I. Dergilyov, 1968.


N. Korobova, 1987
N. Kirpichyova, 1966
T. Sazonova, 1960
N. Ponomaryov, 1963
Yu. Lukyanova, 1967

Postcards by N. Kolesnikov, 1973-1978