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Dem Senators Look to Block US Withdrawal From …

Dem Senators Look to Block US Withdrawal From South Korea:


Sens. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., have
introduced an amendment to prevent President Donald Trump from
withdrawing U.S. troops from South Korea.

Trump told North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday the U.S. would
end its joint war games with South Korea as part of a deal to
denuclearize the region, saying the exercises are “inappropriate” and
“very expensive,” in contradiction of the Pentagon’s stance the war
games are vital and routine readiness operations. He also revealed he is
considering removing the nearly 30,000 U.S. troops stationed in South
Korea altogether.

Sens. Murphy and Duckworth defended the troops’ presence in the
region by announcing an amendment Wednesday to the John S. McCain
National Defense Authorization Act, which “would help prevent the
president from making a rash decision about troop reductions on the
Korean Peninsula that would harm our national security,” according to their press release.

Seoul civic group claims S. Korea paying 73 pc…

Seoul civic group claims S. Korea paying 73 pct of joint defense cost for U.S. troops:


Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea said its analysis of
defense budgets in Seoul and Washington showed that South Korea is
responsible for 72.6 percent of the defense cost, well over the official
government figure of 42 percent.

The allies have said they’re paying about US$2 billion annually to keep the U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.

The civic group said as of 2016, South Korea spent an estimated
3.4 trillion won ($3.1 billion) to help the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK)
both directly and indirectly.

The direct support cost came to
about 1.8 trillion won, while the indirect support cost of some 1.6
trillion won included the value of the land for USFK bases that South
Korea is providing for free.

Other experts and lawmakers have
said the military’s calculation of Seoul’s contribution is unfair
because it doesn’t account for land-rent waivers granted to the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal also reported last week that
South Korea is paying nearly 80 percent of the defense cost if the rent
is taken into account. In that article, former U.S. Defense Assistant
Secretary Lawrence Korb argued the U.S. should consider the value of the
land used by its forces when calculating Seoul’s contributions, saying,
“It’s a facility you are stationed in and using.”

Not only is the occupation of Korea by u.$. settlers and their colonialist army a grave violation of human rights, the expenses of this occupation are paid almost in their entirety by Korean workers themselves.

juchechat: The Gwangju Massacre began on May …


The Gwangju Massacre began on May 18, 1980

with the explicit involvement of u.$. imperialism, President Jimmy Carter, and amerika’s support of its fascist puppet Chun Doo-hwan.

Long Live The Martyrs of Gwangju!

Gwangju Uprising



Thirty-eight years ago the residents of

in south Korea rose up against the reactionary, fascist u.$. puppet Chun Doo-hwan and the colonial occupation of south Korea by u.$. imperialism on May 18th, 1980.

The Gwangju Uprising displayed the spirit and will of the anti-fascist, anti-imperialist struggle of the south Korean masses and revolutionaries organised and led by the Revolutionary Party for Reunification, the forerunner of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea (AINDF)

On May 22nd, 1980 the spokesman of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification issued a statement in support of the mass uprising in
South Jeolla Province (Gwangju and Mokpo), denouncing the brutality of fascist u.$. puppet Chun Doo-hwan who had declared martial law in response.

For nine days, the
Gwangju Uprising

acted as a symbol and beacon for south Koreans who sought independence from occupation, democracy, and re-unification. Those who struggled in the uprising showed immeasurable courage and determination in the face of heavy fascist repression by the u.$. puppet 
Chun Doo-hwan and the colonialist occupation by u.$. imperialism.

It also sparked hope in the hearts of third world peoples struggling against neo-colonialism and third world nations under the boot of regimes installed and backed by u.$. imperialism and their lackeys. The memory of those who lost their lives in the
Gwangju Uprising

lives on as a reminder that revolution and self-determination come through revolutionary violence, and that the liberation of south Korea from u.$. colonialism will only be achieved through a proletarian vanguard against capitalism and u.$. imperialism, and for the re-unification of Korea.

juchechat:Inter-Korean Summit: Evening banqu…


InterKorean Summit:
Evening banquet.

tw-koreanhistory: Korea.





Cheonan Sinking Case Must Be Settled: KCNA Commentary

[Apr. 10 Juche 107 (2018), KCNA]

There is increasing voice for reinvestigation into the case of sunken warship Cheonan in south Korea.

Organizations including the South Committee for Implementing June 15
Joint Declaration and figures of various social standings recently
formed a preparatory committee for all-people joint social measure
council for probe into truth about warship Cheonan case and issued a
special statement demanding reinvestigation into the case.

From March 28, KBS has been airing “60 minute pursuit”, a documentary
based on a new video captured by a thermo image monitor at the time of
the sinking of the warship and CCTV image data, drawing the attention of
the public.

An article demanding reinvestigation for the probe into the truth behind
the sunken warship Cheonan case was posted on website of Chongwadae to
evoke lively repercussion from the public. In the meantime, an opinion
poll turned out that 70 percent of the south Korean citizens does not
trust the results of the investigation into the warship Cheonan case.
This has prompted increasing demand for “government’s” reinvestigation
into the case.

The demand for reinvestigation into the case getting stronger amid
mounting atmosphere of national reconciliation and unity proves that the
case is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the way of improving the
north-south ties.

The case was a hideous conspiratorial farce which traitor Lee Myung Bak
deliberately cooked up to stamp out the June 15 era by escalating
north-south confrontation and to get rid of the serious ruling crisis.

Soon after the investigation results of the authorities were made public
with the “story about torpedo attack by the north” as the core, they
were rejected by the south Koreans from all walks of life and the
international community, and this has ever since increased all kinds of
suspicions for the past eight years.

The unprecedented modern-day version of the burlesque was used for
escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen and the moves for a
war against the north and for realizing the ambition for power of the
pro-U.S. conservative forces. Such confrontational policies as “May 24
step”, a dirty product of the farce, put the north-south relations at
total stalemate.

What matters is that the present authorities, trumpeting about the
abolition of conservative evils and improvement of the north-south ties,
are still mired in the mysterious Cheonan case.

They let the military authorities describe a series of suspicions about
the case as “something that can not be construed otherwise than the
torpedo attack by the north” and held the burlesque called
“commemoration of the day of defence of the West Sea”, chilling the
atmosphere for the improvement of the north-south ties.

As proven, it is urgent and crucial issue under the present situation to
clarify the truth about the sunken warship Cheonan case and root out
the stumbling block hindering the improvement of the north-south

In order to realize all Koreans’ desire and wish for national
reconciliation and cooperation, it is imperative to settle the Cheonan
case which the conservative group of traitors cooked up to derail the
north-south relations.

Truth is bound to be brought to light.

The south Korean authorities have to respond to the demand of the public with proper attitude.

Jeju civic groups demand American apology ahea…

Jeju civic groups demand American apology ahead of 70th anniversary of April 3 Massacre:


Groups remembering the Jeju Uprising of April 3, 1948, are demanding an official US apology for the massacre ahead of the incident’s 70th anniversary next year.

The Jeju April 3 Victim Family Members’ Association, the Jeju Chapter of the Jeju April 3 70th Anniversary Commemoration Project Committee, and the Pan-National Committee for the 70th Anniversary of Jeju April 3 announced on Oct. 16 that they would hold a joint ceremony in front of the King Sejong statue on Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square at 10 am on Oct. 17 to declare a 100,000-signature campaign calling for “responsible action from the US and UN” on the Jeju Uprising.

After their press conference that day, the groups began an online and offline campaign to collect signatures urging an investigation into the incident, the assignment of responsibly, and “protection of the values of human rights and peace.” In a previously delivered press conference statement for the ceremony, the groups described the incident as a “massacre that occurred at a time when the US military government was in power.”

“The US government has yet to say anything about the more than 30,000 Jeju residents who wrongly lost their lives at a time when the US military government was in power and a group of US military advisors exercised operational control authority over the South Korean military,” the groups said.

The groups went on to insist that the US “must now tell the truth about April 3.”

“[The US] needs to acknowledge its responsibility for the April 3 massacre, formally apologize, and take corresponding action,” they urged.

“The governments of the South Korea and US must begin discussions toward an investigation and responsible measures in connection with the US military government and military advisor group’s role in [the massacre of] April 3,” the groups said, adding that the UN “must also be urged to investigation and take appropriate action with regard to the US and South Korean government’s massacre of civilians.”

The groups plan to conduct an initial signature campaign through Mar. 31 of the year, followed by a second one from Apr. 1 to Oct. 31. Following the press conference on Oct. 16, the groups delivered their press conference statement to the US embassy in Seoul.

US soldiers charged in S. Korea after $12mn wo…

US soldiers charged in S. Korea after $12mn worth of meth found in cereal boxes:


The scheme was uncovered in December, when a package sent through the
Military Postal Service Agency was intercepted by customs at Incheon
International Airport after suspicious items were detected on X-ray. The
ensuing investigation involved local police, customs, the Pyeongtaek
prosecutor’s office, US military police and the American Drug
Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The methamphetamine, sent from California, had a street value of 13.6
billion South Korean won ($12 million), and could have been used by
130,000 people, the Stars and Stripes reported prosecutors as saying.

of the two soldiers charged is accused of receiving the drugs at his
army address, the other of handing the drugs over to a civilian. Only
the second soldier is currently being held in custody.

Two South
Koreans have also been arrested in connection with the case, and four
others are currently wanted. Authorities believe the drug ring was being
run out of the Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul, better known for the
music video ‘Gangnam Style’ by South Korean rapper Psy, where an earlier
raid uncovered a safe holding over 3oz of meth and a smaller amount of

klimbims: American soldier meeting a female Russian officer….

American soldier meeting a female Russian officer. Seoul, 1945


American soldier meeting a female Russian officer. Seoul, 1945 by Olga