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I-K Summit Developments


  • DPRK has agreed to permanently shutdown
    the engine testing facilities and launch pad at the Dongchang-ri missile test zone, also known as the Seohae test site.

  • Should the u.$.
    take corresponding steps in line with the June 12 Singapore summit accord the DPRK will carry out further denuclearisation measures such as the dismantlement of the
    Yongbyon nuclear facility.

  • A crucial military agreement was reached: establishment of a buffer zone in Yellow Sea to suspend gun firing, maritime drills, a no-fly zone in border areas to prevent accidental aeroplane clashes, to pull out 11 border guard posts each by year’s end, and to halt border military drills targeting each other starting November 1st.
  • Break ground for a joint project to connect railways and roads across their borders within this year.

  • Inter-Korean projects in Kaesong, Mount Kumgang to be resumed when conditions are met.
  • Video-based reunions and exchange of video messages between families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War, as well as a permanent facility for reunions.

  • President Moon Jae-in invited Chairman Kim Jong-un to Seoul, and he intends to visit this year should no special issues arise.

Moon, Kim may again display closeness for 3 da…

Moon, Kim may again display closeness for 3 days in Pyongyang:


The presidential plane carrying Moon and his entourage will take
off from Seoul Airport in Seongnam, south of Seoul, at 8:40 a.m. before
landing at the Pyongyang airport at 10 a.m. via the Yellow Sea direct
flight route.

Watchers and government officials say Kim may
greet Moon at the airport, as his late father, Kim Jong-il, did in 2000
for then-South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, who held the first-ever
inter-Korean summit in the North’s capital after flying over the same
Yellow Sea route.

“As the official welcome ceremony is scheduled to take place at
the Pyongyang airport, it is expected that Chairman (of the North’s
State Affairs Commission) Kim will personally greet President Moon
there,” said Im Jong-seok, Moon’s chief of staff, in a media briefing on

Following the welcome ceremony, Moon and his entourage
will have lunch before the leaders of the two Koreas hold their first

Im said he thinks Moon and Kim will immediately get down to
“direct and substantial” talks that include a private discussion and an
expanded summit instead of going through general summit formalities.

He didn’t reveal the summit venue, but watchers say the headquarters
of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, where Kim’s office is
located, is the most plausible location. Kim twice met with Moon’s
special envoys at the party headquarters this year.

After the first-day talks, a welcoming art performance and welcome dinner will be held.

North-South Discussion Recap


  • Third Inter-Korean Summit will be held in Pyongyang, DPRK from September 18th to 20th.
  • High-level negotiations are set to begin next week to prepare for the third inter-Korean summit.

  • Upcoming summit will be centred on
    reviewing the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration and discuss the
    future direction of its implementation, and to discuss practical ways to
    establish lasting peace, joint prosperity on the Korean peninsula, and the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

  • DPRK has reaffirmed its commitment to denuclearisation and co-operating with south Korea and the u.$. on this matter.
  • Chairman Kim Jong-un expressed regret
    that the international community does not appreciate

    the steps taken so far by the government of the DPRK in the denuclearisation process such as the dismantlement of the

    nuclear test site. He requested the south Korean envoy to deliver a message to the u.$. administration.

  • According to the South Korean envoy Chairman Kim Jong-un stated that he hopes to completely denuclearise and end the hostile relationship between his country and the u.$. before the end of Trump administration’s first term in January 2021.

  • Chairman Kim Jong-un reiterated that formally ending the Korean War has nothing to do with u.$. troops stationed in south Korea.
  • At the upcoming summit
    ways to further reduce military tension

    will also be discussed.

  • A joint liaison office in the DPRK’s border village of Kaesong

    will be opened before the third inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang.

Army: It Would Take 200 Years to Eliminate All…

Army: It Would Take 200 Years to Eliminate All Land Mines South of DMZ:


An Army official told reporters on Tuesday that the land mine area on
the southern side of the DMZ and within the Civilian Access Control Line
on both sides is about 40 times the size of Seoul’s Yeouido.

The official added even if all eleven engineering battalions of the
front-line division are deployed, it would take some 200 years to
complete the task of land mine elimination.

The official also emphasized the need to establish an entity within the
Army to handle the task, in preparation for the two Koreas’ joint
excavation of remains of soldiers killed during the Korean War and other
DMZ projects agreed on by their leaders in April.

Another Army official said drones should be utilized to ensure the
safety of such projects, while also highlighting the need for
specialized tanks and construction facilities equipped with bombproof

juchechat: tw-koreanhistory: a. US Soldier in…



a. US Soldier in Korea, 1951 (source)

b. US Soldier in South Korea, 2015 (source)

amerikkkans treat Koreans as if they’re irrational children needing guidance from a paternalist white coloniser, there can be no peace in Korea until these parasites are driven out.

juchechat: tw-koreanhistory: Surrender ceremo…



Surrender ceremonies of Japanese Forces in Southern Korea
September 9,

Japanese flag is lowered, U.S. flag is raised. 

Taken by a USS San
Francisco (CA-38) photographer.  Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives. (source)

When a settler supremacist power replaces another settler supremacist power.

Blue House announces inter-Korean summit will …

Blue House announces inter-Korean summit will go on as planned:


“We did have hopes for Secretary Pompeo’s North Korea visit, but
unfortunately it did not happen,” Blue House spokesperson Kim Eui-kyum
said that day.

“We got the sense that shifting the paradigm on Korean Peninsula issues is a tremendously difficult task,” he added.

The Blue House had been hoping that Pompeo’s visit – which would have
been his fourth – would help to break North Korea-US relations out of
their stalemate in the denuclearization negotiations and flesh out the
details of the inter-Korean summit in September.

President Moon Jae-in discussed countermeasures after hearing reports at
his Blue House residence that day on the cancellation of Pompeo’s visit
and the current situation between Pyongyang and Washington from Blue
House National Security Office director Chung Eui-yong, National
Intelligence Service director Suh Hoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang
Kyung-wha, and Minister of Unification Cho Myung-gyon.

But the Blue House said the cancellation of Pompeo’s visit would not
affect its preparations for the September inter-Korean summit.

With Secretary Pompeo cancelling his North Korea visit, it now appears
that President Moon Jae-in’s role has grown,” spokesperson Kim said.

“The objective situation is one in which President Moon now has a
greater role as catalyst and mediator in breaking through the impasse
and broadening the scope of understanding amid the strain in North
Korea-US relations,” he continued, adding that the inter-Korean summit
would “be pursued without setbacks.”



Juche 107 (2018) August 21st: Day 2 of North and South family reunions in Mount Kumgang (Kangwon Province) ✪

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Juche 107 (2018) August 20th: Families from North and South reunite in
Mount Kumgang

(Kangwon Province) ✪

juchechat:Juche 107 (2018) August 20th: Famili…


Juche 107 (2018) August 20th: Families from North and South reunite in
Mount Kumgang

(Kangwon Province) ✪