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Exemplary penmanship in Soviet school (1950s)

School children prepared new birdhouses for springtime.

Did you know that in Russian, birdhouse is literally a “starling-place”? But of course, any birds are welcome. 🙂

— Карандаш.
— Э пэнсил.
— Стол.
— Э тэйбл.
— Девушка.
— Чувиха.
— Да нет, по-английски! Ну? Гёрл!
— О, йес, йес, гёрл!
— Йес-йес! ОБХС!

Gentlemen of Fortune (1972) (watch on youtube)

Something interesting I found today, here’s Winnie the Pooh song from the 1969 Soviet cartoon in different languages.

List of languages represented:
– Avar
– Ossetian
– Dargin
– Kumyk
– Lak
– Lezgian
– Tatar
– English
– German
– Russian

The first six are small languages of the North Caucasus region of Russian Federation (republics of Ossetia, Daghestan). Tatar is the language of Tatarstan republic of Russian Federation.

Winnie the Pooh is commonly known as Винни-Пух in Russian. However, it was not always his name. Here are two earlier translations of Pooh stories published in Murzilka magazine. The top one is from 1939, where Pooh is медведь Винни-Пу. The bottom one is from 1958, and the name is Мишка-Плюх.

Vintage enamel pin – Russian letter Б for Белка (belka – squirrel) (buy here)

French/Russian pocket phrasebook. This was intended for French-speaking tourists who visited Soviet Union (buy)

Vintage Russian books with hand-lettered covers (1950s-60s)