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Dachnoye metro station in Leningrad (1966)

Byelorusskaya Radial metro station in Moscow (1985)

Moscow metro. Photo by Dean Conger (National Geographic), 1964

Baumanskaya metro station in Moscow (1947). Photo by V. Savostyanov and L. Velikzhanin.

Moscow metro. Studencheskaya (Students) open air station. Photo by Valery Shitov (1985)

Belorusskaya metro station in Moscow (1938). Photo by Boris Ignatovich.

Moscow metro, running near Izmailovskaya station (1985)

Kirovskaya metro station in Moscow (current name Chistye Prudy), 1976

Elektrozavodskaya metro station in Moscow (1978)

I was in Moscow for the weekend and I had a chance to look at one of my favourite metro stations – Chistye Prudy (it was called Kirovskaya in the USSR). It was built in 1935, and it’s just so pretty. I love how they recreated the old style METRO sign on the roof!