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Women’s Day postcard by I. Kharkevich (1962)

Cover of Kostyor (Campfire), a Soviet youth magazine (May 1961)

“Knowledge to everyone”, Soviet poster designed by Vilen Karakashev and Liliya Levshunova (1972)

Vintage Estonian postcard

Soviet International Women’s Day postcards with a Friendship of the Peoples theme.

“Women of the world! Stand close in your fight for peace!” – postcard by Yu. Litvinchuk and V. Lamakh (1955)

Women’s Day postcard by

V. Slatinsky, 1962

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May Day postcard by V. Shibayev, 1967 (buy)

Postcard by N. Chertenkov, 1963 (buy here)

“To the Festival!” – postcard  by V. Bordzilovsky, 1957