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”A Girl Is Walking Down the Meadow” by V. Orlov, Russian vintage postcard (1955)

“How the Lion Cub and the Tortoise Sang a Song”, postcard from 1981

Soviet housewarming postcard (1960s)

Pavillion of Karelo-Finnish SSR at VDNKh, postcard by N. Shishlovsky (1954)

Postcard by A. Golubev (1969)

“Rooster little rooster, of golden comb, buttery head, and silky wattle.”

Postcard by Z. Vorontsova and Sementsov-Ogiyevsky (1971)

Postcard by M. Kanevsky (1961)

Mates. Postcard by S. Nizovaya (1955)

“Try and score a goal!” – postcard by A. Golubev (1966)

Housewarming postcard by V. Mikhaylov (1963)