Category: poster art

“We demand mandatory education for all”, poster by Alexander Rodchenko (1930)

“Eternal friendship, glorious friendship!” Poster by Yu. Mokhor (Ukraine, 1979)

Poster celebrating the 50th anniversary of October Revolution, artist Kriventsova (1977)

“Flora sign means quality”, vintage advertising poster from Estonia (1973)

Vintage ads. Poster for

Kalev Confectionery Factory (Estonia, 1987)

“CPSU, battle squad of the world communist movement”, poster by N. Dolgorukov (1973)

Just out of print books: “Processing Fruit, Berries And Vegetables At Home” and “Storing Vegetables” – Soviet poster (1956)

Soviet Armenia, vintage travel ad poster (1930s)

Poster for a children’s festival in a city park in Moscow (c. 1934)

“Sea trips is the best way to rest”, Soviet poster from Yalta, Crimea (1960)