Category: poster design

Tourism – the way to health. Vintage Soviet poster.

“Welcome to Soviet Ukraine!” vintage poster (1975)

“When our plans have been realized, our spacious home will become richer. Proud of our great work, we will come together at the table of All-Union fest of prosperity!”

(The lady’s shirt reads “Seven-year plan”)

Soviet propaganda poster by G. Shubina (1959)

“Route taxi—convenient, fast, inexpensive” (1981)

Vintage ads. “Buy frozen green peas,” Soviet poster from 1949.

“Crimea. Visit the USSR!” vintage Soviet poster (1965)

Vintage ads. Iris candy (similar to toffee), poster from 1938.

Can anyone translate? Is it Azerbaijani? Kazakh? Tatar?

Soviet posters from 1920s – reading and literacy propaganda.

“Let’s keep and grow the young stock!” Soviet poster designed by D. Gorlov (1942)

Vintage ads. Travel by the river Volga (1932)