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 Grafitti in the reichstag, left behind by the victorious red army, 1945. We can notice a lot of names and cities, as well as mottos and messages – Martynov, Krasotkin, Krutko, Alik, V.M, Kiev, Kursk, the motto From Moscow/Leningrad to Berlin, and the text here were, followed by something which I can’t seem to read.

Big boyo soviet IS-2 heavy tank, acronym of Joseph Stalin Tank, around the reichstag building, 10 may 1945, two days after the german capitulation.

 Советский ИС-2 танк, аббревиатура от Иосифа Сталина, вне Рейхстага, 10 мая 1945 года, через два дня после немецкой капитуляции.