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“We are children of a great country, our friendship is our strength.” Soviet poster designed by G. Lopatina (1987)

Soviet Tajikistan

Soviet Kirghizia

Postcard celebrating the 50th anniversary of VLKSM (Komsomol). Artist I. Dergilyov, 1968.

50th Anniversary of the Soviet Union, vintage pin ft. flags of all 15 Soviet republics

October Revolution Day postcard by I. Karnaukhov (1966)

Balloons read “October.”

I have 7 flags of Soviet republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan (2x), Byelorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia. They’re vintage from the 80s. Find more info (size, condition) + buy here.

Photo session in on 🙂

All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (postcard, 1956)

Soviet republic flags, vintage pins