Category: retro

View of Space Conquerors monument, VDNKh metro station and Ostankino TV tower (Moscow, 1983)

Models of the Season, Soviet fashion magazine (Autumn-Winter 1953-54)

Vintage ad for cake mixes, as published in Rabotnitsa (Working Woman) magazine, March 1959.

Komsomol wedding, photo by Edward Ettinger (1975)

Tarusa sovkhoz in Kaluga region, Russia (1970)

Children’s World store in Tallinn, Estonia (1967)

“Glory to Komsomol! In battle and in labour, it always helped the Party.”

Postcard by E. Solovyov (1958)

Building of the round house on Nezhinskaya street in Moscow (1972)

Café Sever (North) in Leningrad, 1965

Svante (Malysh) and Karlsson from Karlsson-on-the-Roof, Soviet cartoon (1968).