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I had a spontaneous Arzamas day trip today. Arzamas is a town [small city] an hour from me, a typical provincial Russian place, stuck between 1905 and 1979. There’s plethora of churches, many small wooden houses and all the Soviet era attractions: Lenin statue, Karl Marx bust, an old tank from WWII. I even witnessed the changing of the guards performed by cadets.

I loved the huge mosaic mural on a wall of a school! (first photo) Unfortunately it was fenced off and I couldn’t get closer.

I also stumbled upon two small antique stores! Got some pins and a bunch of 50s postcards – very excited about those particularly. 

Fonarny (Lantern) Bridge on river Moika in Leningrad (c. 1976)

Yaroslavsky Train Station in Moscow by Yu. Kuzmin (1965)

“Why Does The Bear Sleep In Winter?” – vintage Russian children’s book from 1949. Cover art by G. Karlov.

Soviet anti-smoking propaganda.

Left: he smoked… Right: he quit smoking!

25 October Street in Moscow (1969)

Illustration from Murzilka (12/1954)

Clinic #94 in Moscow. Dr. M. Kleyman is leaving to see a patient. Photo by E. Yevzerikhin (1954)

1960s New Year postcards from the Soviet Union

Waiting for fireworks. Moscow, photo by Igor Zotin (1978)