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Ryaba the Hen, postcard by A. Dudnikov (1957)

Morozko (Mr Frost) is a Russian folk tale about a girl who was left outside in the middle of the winter to die—but didn’t. It was published many times with different art. Here are some of Morozko book covers (1950s-1980s).

Seven Simeons the Seven Workers, Russian folk tale illustration by Nikolai Kochergin (1977)

Illustration for Russian folk tale “The Hare’s Hut” by Yury Vasnetsov (autolithography, 1965).

The Man and the Bear, Russian folk tale illustrated by Yevgeny Rachyov (postcard from 1955)

The White Duck, Russian folk tale illustrated by T. Shevaryova (1987)

Bear Club Foot, postcard by Yury Vasnetsov (1958)

“There’s something wrong in the pictures. Rearrange things to make it right!”

(Illustration from a children’s magazine by S. Zabaluyev, 1963)

Contes de L’Isba (Tales of Izba) – a collection of Russian fairy tales published in France in 1931 and illustrated by Ivan Bilibin (who left Russia in 1920).

Merry-go-round of Russian fairy tale characters. Can you tell them all?

Illustration by T. Zuikova (1969)