Category: russian fairy tales

Illustration for “The Tale of She-Bear” by Alexander Pushkin, artist V. Masyutin (1924)

Illustration by Yevgeny Rachyov. As published in Murzilka, March 1957.

“The Fox With a Rolling Pin”, Russian folk tale illustrated by Yevgeny Rachyov. As published in Murzilka magazine, March 1954.

Illustrations for “The Fox With a Rolling Pin” diafilm by Pyotr Repkin (1955)

The Three Bears, illustration by Yuri Vasnetsov 

The Golden Combed Rooster illustration by V. Ignatova (1955)

Golden Cockerel illustration by Ivan Bilibin (postcard from 1957)

Russian folk tales illustrated by Yuri Vasnetsov

Teremok illustration by Vladimir Suteyev

Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf, art by Viktor Vasnetsov (postcard, 1959)