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i would like to go to syzran

                    but i gotta walk the fish

and wash the floors too

                    it’s like i’m living the life that is not really mine  

and this fish, ugh

                    everything is so I don’t even know

Our cat Scumbag became a father of four children. We are now trying to find some more or less all right homes for four savage
kittens. I am not joking. The kittens are openly malicious, they don’t let
anyone pick them up, they hiss at and hate everyone who comes into close
proximity to them. We couldn’t even get kitten #4 into the photo, because it’s
pure evil. So, if you’ve always dreamed of adopting a pet that will hate you
with every fiber of its body, take one of these. As of now, we are calling them
Loki, Hannibal, Hitler and Apocalypse, but other villainous names will do just as
well. Come and take these furry motherfuckers away.

This is the Violet Cat. Add it to your page, so that the Violet Cat appears on your friends’ dashboards. They will continue to spread it around, so that in the very end it will be on everyone’s dashboard, celebrating senseless chaos and absurdity.

Exemplary penmanship in Soviet school (1950s)

On this picture there are 8 items that start with letter Б. Can you find them all?

Illustration by V. Kurdryavtseva (1975)

While we are on the subject of wolves, let me introduce you to this famous Russian meme! Originally it was a photo taken by Mr. Aaron Huey from National Geographic, but the Russian Internet hivemind decided it to be a perfect depiction of some teamwork dynamics. The capslocked lines have also turned into independent memes of their own. 🙂 

– Hey, who’s the leader over there? Could you maybe try for a straighter pathway?

– I dunno, maybe there’s something wrong with their legs or eyes, lol.

– I’m seriously sick of having to turn right and left all the time in this trench.

– Oh, who the fuck cares? We can walk – and that’s good enough.


Font for Artist and Designer, a set of 12 posters (1989)

ABC book illustrated by V. Lebedev (1925)

Pages from “My First ABC Book”, published in St Petersburg (1900s)