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Astoria hotel in Leningrad, photo by John Schultz (1958)

Airworkers’ House of Culture in Leningrad (c. 1930)

University Embankment in Leningrad (1990)

Nevsky Prospect in Leningrad (early 1960s)

Narva Triumphal Arch in Leningrad (1950s)

Warsaw railway station in Leningrad (1966)

Kashin Bridge over Kryukov Canal in Leningrad (1940)

Pictures from the Museum of Soviet Lifestyle in St Petersburg (Griboyedov Canal, 15) that I made my sister visit with me and then she wouldn’t leave because she wanted to try on all of the clothes and listen to all of the records. 🙂

It’s such a fun place! Filled to the brim with 70s and 80s stuff, most of which you can touch and play with. Located in the heart of the city. Highly recommended if you’re in St Petersburg!

Kirovsky (Troitsky) Bridge in Leningrad, 1945-47

Pictures from my visit to Udelnaya flea market in St Petersburg last week. It’s a large area full of every sort of vintage seller–from local grandfathers selling their old books to cheap junk guys to diggers’ stalls to walk in antique stores. I spent hours there, and I’m glad I arrived early because after a while a huge snowfall started! All open air sellers quickly covered up their stuff making it impossible to browse, many packed up and left. Snow does make for great pictures though. Very

à la russe

etc. 🙂