Category: socialist realism

“In the Evening”, postcard by V. Beskaravainy (1963)

Soviet art. “The Vastness of Home” by M. Likhachyov (postcard, 1952)

Soviet art. New Tenants by D. Mochalsky (postcard, 1958)

Soviet art. Spring by Alexander Deyneka (1950)

Irina Shevandronova “At A Rural Library (Readers)” 1962

T. Yablonskaya “At Home With a Book”, 1956 (buy)

Soviet art. I. Shevandronova – “At the Doctor’s. Altai” (postcard, 1954)

“Spring on the Window-Sill” by Tatyana Yablonskaya (1954) (postcard available here)

“Cake Makers” by O. Yanovskaya (1937)

Alexander Deyneka “Joy of Life” (1944), postcard published in 1967

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