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Soviet soldiers charging through smoke, 1943. A photo, soon to be symbolic of soviet courage, by Mark Markov. Location unknown. We can see them charging with a PPSH submachine gun and a DP28 light mg.

Soviet soldiers atop an IS2 heavy tank, part of an armored column passing through wartorn berlin, 1945.

Source : soviet.war on instagram

Camouflaged red army soldiers engaging a german position in the outskirts of moscow, 1942.

Offtopic, but I love the photo. French soldiers advancing under artillery fire in the battle of the Somme, 1916

1940. The winter war. Finnish soldies slingshotting grenades.

1974, black and white soldiers in the angolan civil war.

 Grafitti in the reichstag, left behind by the victorious red army, 1945. We can notice a lot of names and cities, as well as mottos and messages – Martynov, Krasotkin, Krutko, Alik, V.M, Kiev, Kursk, the motto From Moscow/Leningrad to Berlin, and the text here were, followed by something which I can’t seem to read.

Second ukrainian front in the outskirts of budapest, 1944, suporting a T34/85 and /76 advance with a Maxim heavy machinegun.

The red army in berlin, 1945

During the soviet liberation of auschwitz, mid 1945.