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“How the Lion Cub and the Tortoise Sang a Song”, postcard from 1981

The Three from Prostokvashino – 4 vintage enamel pins

Winnie-the-Pooh and a Busy Day (1972)

“If There Was No Winter” performed by Valentina Tolkunova, from “Winter in Prostokvashino” (1984)

The Nutracker, Soviet cartoon directed by Boris Stepantsev (1973)

Луч солнца золотого (Ray of the Golden Sun) from “On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians”, Soviet 1973 cartoon. Performed by Muslim Magomayev.

For context, I want to say that to this day, this song is a favourite among Russian ladies. It’s a personal favourite of mine, too. My ex sang it really well and I used to ask him to sing it like twice a week. %)

Svante (Malysh) and Karlsson from Karlsson-on-the-Roof, Soviet cartoon (1968).

In today’s installment of Weird Soviet Cartoons we have a cynical masterpiece – “Wings, Legs, and Tails”, dir. Alexander Tatarsky and Igor Kovalyov (1986). It’s one of those things everybody can quote.

The Disobedient Kitten, dir. Mstislav Paschenko (1953)

Watch with English subtitles:

A Story For Natasha, dir. Aida Zyablikova (1986)