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First day cover from December 1968

Ice breaker ships of Russia, vintage Soviet stamps (1976)

Endangered butterflies of Soviet Union, vintage stamps (1987)

50 Years of the Soviet Union, vintage stamps (1972)

Collection of Soviet space stamps

Aquatic Plants, vintage Russian postage stamps (1984)

Sci-fi art by Andrei Sokolov and cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, vintage stamps (1967)

Lenin stamp collection

Flowers of Caucasian Mountains vintage stamps (1976)

This month Russian Post introduced a new issue of definitive stamps! I’m so happy, I was getting really tired of the old stamps. They’re quite large, oddly shaped and have been in circulation since 2009. The new ones are designed after stamps of the Russian Empire, and are really pretty in my opinion.

I got some new stamps today at my local post office, and I’m excited to start using them on my mail!