Category: summer

Summer on Rusakovskaya Street in Moscow. Photo by A. Dumkin (1982)

Lake near Orekhovo-Zuyevo, a town in Moscow region (1960)

Kayaking on river Ugra near Smolensk (1975)

Vokzalny Lane in Moscow. Photo by Yuri Burov (1962)

Summer cottage in Mari El republic, USSR (1967) (via)

Illustration from the Funny Pictures magazine by Viktor Chizhikov (1974)

Summary of the poem:
Things to do after the rain–jump into puddles, race little boats, swing on the rainbow, and just smile.

Holiday home in Nudolskoye village (Moscow region, 1984)

Murzilka, a Soviet magazine for children. July covers over the years (1938-1974)

“River Rocks”, book by Arseny Sedugin, illustrated by Tatyana Zvonaryova (1956)

Sunbathing in Jurmala, Latvia (1975)