Category: traditional dress

Adygean traditional dress, illustration from the book “Traditional Pattern of Adygea” (USSR, 1960)

Wedding in Azerbaijan, photo by Lev Borodulin


“The Winter Tale” by Z. Topelius, cover art by A. Yakobson (1959)

Vana Toomas (Old Thomas) pub in Tallinn, Estonia (1968). Photo by S. Migdal.

Georgian traditional costume – enamel pin

“Eternal friendship, glorious friendship!” Poster by Yu. Mokhor (Ukraine, 1979)

Rugs with traditional patterns: Hutsul [ethnicity in Ukraine] (1971), Azerbaijan (1985).

October Revolution Day postcard by I. Karnaukhov (1966)

Balloons read “October.”

“Buy books by Uzbekistan’s authors”, poster by A. Chetkauskas (1958)

Matchbox labels with art for Pavel Bazhov tales (1960s)