Category: traditional dress

“Eternal friendship, glorious friendship!” Poster by Yu. Mokhor (Ukraine, 1979)

Rugs with traditional patterns: Hutsul [ethnicity in Ukraine] (1971), Azerbaijan (1985).

October Revolution Day postcard by I. Karnaukhov (1966)

Balloons read “October.”

“Buy books by Uzbekistan’s authors”, poster by A. Chetkauskas (1958)

Matchbox labels with art for Pavel Bazhov tales (1960s)

“Welcome to Soviet Ukraine!” vintage poster (1975)

Young rug makers in Tashkent Professional College (Uzbekistan). Photo by Semyon Fridlyand, 1950s.

May Day celebrations in Chisinau, Moldavia (1982)

Vintage ads. Iris candy (similar to toffee), poster from 1938.

Can anyone translate? Is it Azerbaijani? Kazakh? Tatar?

Women’s Day postcard by A. Malakhov (1967)