Category: traditional

Traditional Russian wooden house in Kostroma (1988)

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1966)

Illustration for The Scarlett Flower by Tatyana Yeryomina (1969)

State emblem, flag and traditional pattern of the Soviet Union (Postcard by G. Fisher, 1972)

Turkmenistan State emblem, flags and pattern, artist G. Fisher (1972)

Cat and Goat picking mushrooms. Illustration by Yury Vasnetsov (1976)

Krestets stitch – traditional needlework originated in Novgorod region of Russia in 1860. Take a look at this website, scroll down to watch a video of the making process. They employ women from small villages and make pure art. You can buy some of their products and support them. ❤

State Emblems and Flags of the Soviet Republics – set of 16 postcards (1967)

Russia (RSFSR) State Emblems and Flags of the Soviet Republics – postcard by G. Fisher, 1972

Traditional Russian songs – vintage matchbox labels (1974)