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Do you not get how nationality is false conces…

Do you not get how nationality is false concesness? Not eveyone fits into your fucking square box. Blood and soil is not liberation but subjection to the ethno-state.

I feel like a record on repeat tbh.

When communists call support for national liberation, we are not calling for an ethnostate. The point of any national liberation struggle is, in itself, an anti imperialist argument that says no country should be under the influence, direct or indirect, of the policies of imperialist countries. And instead, colonized countries should have the right to determine their own economic, political, and social structures of society. It’s the idea that all countries should be independent from imperial rule.

It calls for the nationalism of the oppressed because the colonized people are always forced to give up their language, culture, government, flag, history, and so much more because these things get in the way of the theft of resources by the imperialists.

It’s a rallying call to get the wider masses, political and non political, on board with the movement. That nationalism is coupled with anti imperialist struggle because imperialism is the prime problem that that country faces. It’s a call for political and economic independence, not a country ruled by blood.

Literally study anti imperialist struggles in Algeria, Mozambique, South Africa, Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Angola, Palestine, and Zimbabwe and see how in each and every one of those cases the purpose of anti imperialist struggle wasn’t the goal of making an ethnostate, but to have a country independent of imperialist power.

After the anti imperialist struggle, any problems or reactionary elements that exist in the now liberated country must be spearheaded by the people of those countries themselves.

Colonized nations have the right to independence. Colonized peoples have the right to express their culture which the colonizers have tried hard to erase and keep under pressure.

I’ll be singing this song until I die, ignoring these white anarchists booing me off the stage.



Seeing Mao referenced to #debunk Third Worldism is a bit rich, as for one it exposes how many “MLMs” view Mao as all-knowing, an ultimate purveyor of truth, but it also exposes just how many of these FWist MLMs will allow their eyes to glaze over for the purpose of combating “bundist trends”, “third worldism”, etc.

It takes minimal reading of the relatively minimal writing Mao had done on the topic of the struggle in the u$ to find lines that would otherwise make virtually any communist in the u$ wince. In the conclusive paragraph of the “Statement Supporting the American Negroes In Their Just Struggle Against Racial Discrimination by U.S. Imperialism“ we find this interesting line, glaring out- “Among the whites in the United States, it is only the
reactionary ruling circles who oppress the Negro people. They can in no way represent the
workers, farmers, revolutionary intellectuals and other enlightened persons who comprise
the overwhelming majority of the white people.“

The primarily lesson to be learned from this isn’t some “we are all one worker, it’s just the boss who oppresses us” anarchist-esque nonsense, but rather that Mao himself was often guilty of speaking without first investigating.



Anarchists agreeing with or saying shit like

  • “nations are a construct therefore natlib struggles are pointless”,
  • “natlib is the same thing as nationalism”,
  • “Zionism is natlib struggle”, and
  • “natlib struggles reproduce the same oppression it fights against”

should be a loud enough dog whistle to tell you they’re flat out racist while using Anarchist rhetoric to cover themselves from having their racism pointed out.

It’s historical, cultural, and political ignorance championed as something revolutionary. It’s racism and individualist chauvinism dressed as legitimate anarchist practice.

It’s reactionary ideology. Plain and simple.



Men who use rape as a tool of social coercion or revenge fantasy, even if they haven’t actually committed it, are still violent misogynists and by all means rapists.



the amazon boycott accompanying the only-in-name “multinational strike“ is like if we only did BDS for a few days a year

Happy 100th anniversary of the Romanov executi…


Do it again Comrade Yurovsky 



It really is interesting just how hyper-focused a lot of western leftists are on “radical Islam”, viewing it as a very distinct type of evil that is above all others, often justifying this heavy focus (like many anarchists/libcoms/etc. had on ISIS) by claiming said organizations are fascist (by what marxist definition, no one knows). For western communists there is very little reason to have such a heavy focus on al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc., and once you realize this it becomes abundantly clear just how much influence the propaganda used to justify the “war on terror” has had on them, how deep rooted such jingoism becomes.

Virtually all of these Islamist movements are indisputably reactionary, but the extent of this is heavily “boosted” via the propaganda of the invaders. For example in Syria and Iraq, concerning the Islamic State, many abhorrent actions that were widely reported just flat out didn’t happen, just as many actually did happen. Such reporting isn’t an accident, and it’s naive to imagine this only happens to the “good guys” in the resistance against imperialism. In reality, in the eyes of empire, there is no real difference between al-Qaeda and the SAA, between Saddam and bin Laden, between Hezbollah and the NPA.

It also creates this issue where many Western communists will explicitly deny that, quite often, such Islamic movements are the only relevant groups resisting imperialist occupation and invasion. Many are no more reactionary than, and just as anti-imperialist as, many of the capitalist states we have and do support against imperialist encirclement. The truth of the situation is that even the most reactionary organizations and movements fighting for national liberation within the colonized world are still more progressive than the most liberal governments of the colonizers and their puppets.




Sad thing that these global north anarchists are indiscernible from anti-communists and think they are objectively or ideologically correct and basing their ‘critique’ from a good faith position, instead of actually contributing towards reinforcing the position of reactionaries and imperialists. The world we live in hasn’t apparently changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and revolutionary states are just expected to abandon their will to exist.

Saying that national liberation movements in the 20th Century and “socialism in one country” were failures is chauvinism, especially coming from people who espouse ideologies that have never built anything substantial that lasted more than five years. Ultra-leftism may sound appealing, but it has never led to any good results. Failing to understand why these systems collapsed beyond tagging them as “stalinism” is just honestly very sad.




anti-imperialist movements shouldnt have to be majority socialist to be supported by communists. regardless of their dominant political trend the vast majority are objectively more progressive than even the most “progressive” imperialist

the IRA in both the war for independence and the troubles wasnt majority socialist (although it did have notable socialist currents within the movement) & was still objectively progressive compared to the british empire.



The fact that “progressive” leftists on here follow sobercommunist is incredible, like that means you’ve been actively watching someone stalk and obsess over random women and had no problem with it.

This is a guy who got around me preventing him from viewing my blog twice and bragged about it saying he “has eyes everywhere”, who kept tagging me in posts about abuse, who attributed random shit to me I never said. And does this all the time.

In fact, out of all the posts where he complains about cunts and bitches and jokes about male violence, there are very few posts anyone reblogs.

So they aren’t following because they agree with him on some things, they’re following him because they get satisfaction from what he does.

For when he inevitably screenshots this post and I have to hide my blog again: Find something better to do.

And to all you “leftists” who preach about how much you hate misogyny and follow him: You’re lying to your followers.

I would appreciate if people reblog this so that you can block him. And maybe let your not-so-sneaky mutuals know to not reblog from him.