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“Eternal friendship, glorious friendship!” Poster by Yu. Mokhor (Ukraine, 1979)

“Good morning, mom!” – vintage postcard from Ukraine, artist G. Savchenko (1963)

“Hello, School!” – vintage postcard from Ukraine

Lounge room at a dispensary. Staraya Kupavna, Ukraine (1974)

Sovkhoz in Koktebel, Crimea. Preparing grapes for shipping to Northern areas of the country.

Photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s).

St Sofia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine (1950)

Beaver. A children’s poem about a beaver who’s worked a lot through the summer and now his pantry is full, he teaches his baby beavers to build a river dam, and his wife beaver brings them freshly baked bread.

 Illustration by V. Legkobyt (1972)

“Welcome to Soviet Ukraine!” vintage poster (1975)

Academic Grishko in rose garden of Kyiv Botanical Garden.

Spring in Kyiv (1974)