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The undercover author who discovered Amazon wa…

The undercover author who discovered Amazon warehouse workers were peeing in bottles tells us the culture was like a ‘prison’:


Nothing more capitalist than the richest man in the world profiting off conditions like this.

Bloodworth said Amazon staff members had to meet high productivity targets that were feasible only if they ran around the warehouse — something Amazon didn’t allow for health and safety reasons.

“The job itself is really bad,” he told Business Insider. “I’ve worked in warehouses before, but this was nothing like I had experienced. You don’t have proper breaks — by the time you get to the canteen, you only have 15 or 20 minutes for lunch, in a 10-½-hour working day. You don’t have time to eat properly to get a drink. “You have to go through security when you leave the warehouse, and that adds five minutes. It’s like an airport — belt off, watch off. The atmosphere is what I imagine a prison feels like. You felt like you were walking on eggshells.”

Bloodworth’s claim that Amazon workers felt so rushed that they would pee in bottles caused outrage on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit on Monday. Bloodworth had told The Sun that workers often didn’t take a break to go to the toilet because they were too sparse to get to quickly and they feared punishment for missing productivity targets. So they peed in bottles instead, he said. Bloodworth also outlined Amazon’s penalty points system — he said that racking up six points for issues like unexplained absences could lead to disciplinary proceedings and dismissal. A separate investigation by The Times in 2016 similarly found that Amazon workers were penalized for taking sick days. Bloodworth said he received a point after telling his manager he needed a sick day, despite giving more than the required one hour’s notice and being able to provide a note.“It’s the sheer oppressiveness of management regime there,” he said. “It’s the most oppressive place I had ever worked, easily.”

Black Lives Matter activist arrested after dis…

Black Lives Matter activist arrested after dispute at anti-racism training:


yep “anti-racists” literally called the police on a black woman who spoke “out of turn”.

‘Up To 4,000 US Troops Will Guard Mexico Borde…

‘Up To 4,000 US Troops Will Guard Mexico Border’: Donald Trump:

Trump said at least 2,000 personnel would be deployed and some, if
not all, will remain there until his planned – and highly controversial –
border wall has been built. Guards will be involved in a 24-hour
“border security support cell,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

General law
enforcement duties, such as patrols and arrests, will be reserved
for other law officials, Acting Deputy Commissioner for U.S. Customs and
Border Protection Ronald Vitiello said, cautioning officials against a hasty deployment for safety reasons.

Trump’s initial
announcement earlier this week received serious backlash from rights
groups, as well as his Mexican counterpart, President Enrique Peña Nieto.

In a statement, Nieto
urged Trump to negotiate with Mexico, adding that difficulties between
neighbors don’t “justify threatening or disrespectful attitudes.”

“If your recent statements are the result of frustration due to
domestic policy issues, to your laws, or to your Congress, it is to them
that you should turn to, not to Mexicans,” Nieto said in a video
statement published on Twitter.

“We’re not going to
permit that negative rhetoric to define our actions. We’re only going to
work in the best interest of the Mexicans.”

Trump responded on Thursday, using Mexico’s crime rate – specifically rape – as a reason to prevent Central Americans from migrating to the United States via caravans.

“Yesterday it came
out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody
has ever seen before. They don’t want to mention that, so we have to
change our laws,” Trump said.

However, one Salvadoran woman told CNN the caravan’s sheer size provides ample protection for migrant women.

“It really makes absolutely no sense to use this narrative that
migrants, who are coming because of violence, are violent themselves,
and then say that’s why we need to close our border,” Daniella Burgi-Palomino, Latin America Working Group senior associate for Mexico and migration, told CNN.

woman who’s endured sexual abuse should not be turned away at the
border. She’s in need of health and medical attention,” Burgi-Palomino

According to U.S. national radio network NPR, the number of illegal border crossings is currently at its lowest in over 40 years.

Today on the anniversary of the 2003 Iraq Inv…

Today on the anniversary of the 2003 Iraq Invasion, we recognize its devastating human and economic cost.

A small collection of 10 Soviet buttons with an USA theme….

A small collection of 10 Soviet buttons with an USA theme.
Buttons read things like “Photography in USA”, “Research in USA”, “USA design” etc. These pins were produced to accompany themed exhibitions that were held in the USSR during the perestroika period. Like this one, for example.


☭⚑✭ Paul Leroy Robeson ✭⚑☭ (April 9 …


Paul Leroy Robeson


(April 9 1898 — January 23 1976)

1968 – “From a Dream to a Nightmare”

1968 – “From a Dream to a Nightmare

A small collection of Soviet pins and buttons with a USA…

A small collection of Soviet pins and buttons with a USA theme. Includes 8 buttons and 2 pins.


CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro

CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro:


“Donald Trump’s bold promises earlier this week to finally blow the lid off the JFK assassination mystery by declassifying reams of secret documents turned out to be a gigantic tease. The National Archives ended up making public only a fraction of the JFK documents last night.Still, the 2,800 papers included in the new document dump confirm some salacious details of America’s decades-long quest to kill or depose Fidel Castro — including a fairly shocking plan by the CIA to sow terror in Miami. 

The basic idea was to turn world opinion against Castro and possibly justify a U.S. military invasion by pinning the atrocities on him. The details of the sinister plot are included in a summary about Operation Mongoose, a 1960 covert op hatched by the CIA under President Dwight Eisenhower with the aim of toppling Communist Cuba.

The campaign was included in a report on “pretexts” the U.S. could conjure up to justify a military intervention in Cuba. The paper was sent by Gen. Edward Landsdale, a top Cold War officer who worked with the CIA to plot out Operation Mongoose; he sent the report, which included nine other “pretexts,” on April 12, 1962, to Gen. Maxwell Taylor, who would soon become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Here’s how the report described the plan:

Just to reiterate how crazy this idea is: The CIA thought about blowing stuff up in Florida and murdering innocent refugees simply to make Castro look bad.

Thankfully, that plot was apparently never carried out. The Mongoose doc includes other frightening plots hatched by the spooks in Washington, including an idea to use biological weapons to ruin Cuba’s crops, possibly leading to famine and an uprising against Castro:

That plan was also apparently spitballed. Operation Mongoose has hardly been a secret. The covert project, which for a time was headquartered in a secret base in Opa-locka, has long been studied by Cold War scholars and JFK conspiracy buffs. It’s not even immediately clear whether the details about sowing terror in Miami are new, though a quick web search doesn’t yield any stories about that particular idea. (Update: As some astute readers have noted, much of the newly posted Mongoose details at the National Archive were already released as part of a plot called Operation Northwoods, which President Kennedy reviewed but rejected.)

Other documents confirm some of the sillier pieces of the plot, including the CIA’s infamous plans to use absurd devices, such as exploding cigars, to kill Castro. The newly released papers include reports detailing plots to use a poisoned wetsuit and an exploding seashell to murder him and describe the CIA’s willingness to collaborate with the Mob to oust the Communist leader.”

podsteklom: США. Приготовление свиной тушенки для отправки по…


США. Приготовление свиной тушенки для отправки по ленд–лизу. 1943.

В каждой банке 454 гр (фунт) мяса, жир, лук и пряности.