Category: vintage ads

“Drink a bottle of Pepsi and you can win a t-shirt!” 

Poster from Tallinn Soft Beverage Plant (1985)

Ads for Smena camera, as published in Young Naturalist, a Soviet youth magazine (1960s)

Vintage ads. Aeroflot the Soviet airlines, late 1980s.

Moscow, photo by John Schultz (1958)

Vintage ads for ready-made soups (borscht, shchi, beet soup, rassolnik). USSR, 1958.

Vintage ads. “Tokyo via Moscow. Aeroflot the Soviet airlines” (1967)

“Without newspaper there is no knowledge! Be prepared, read the newspaper.”

1926 poster advertising “Pioneer Truth”, a newspaper for youth. “Be prepared” is pioneers’ call/motto.

Vintage ads. ‘Elektron’ television set from the Soviet Union (1960s).

“Demand confections made by state factories of Mosselprom”, Soviet poster (1928)

“Astronomical precision for the space age”, vintage poster for Elektronika, a clock plant in Minsk (1983) (via)