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Georgian tea boxes

My newest find – Festivals radio made in Riga in 1956. Weighs 23 kg!!

It seems to be in working condition, lamps light up and there’s static noise, but at first try I didn’t catch a radio. I’ll try to find someone competent to have a look it it.

But don’t you agree, it’s such a beautiful thing!

Vintage Soviet cufflinks with Youth Festival symbol (rainbow flower)

Radio, Vintage Soviet magazine (14 issues), USSR 1957-1971

Vintage Soviet watches, lot of 10

Krugozor, vintage Soviet magazine with flexi discs (19 issues)

Got a stack of old musical magazines from the 70s (Krugozor). They each have several flexi discs inside, and the covers are nice and very colorful.

Vintage 1989 calendar, Environs of Leningrad

Vintage Soviet Khokloma tote bag (1985)

Vintage Soviet electric metronome