Category: working women

Aeroflot flight attendant

Nadezhda Tkach in Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow (1973)

Welder on a construction site in Novaya Kakhovka, Ukraine (c. 1956)

“Valya the Driver” by Vera Repka (1970s)

Female coal miners in the USSR. Female labor

in mines

was forbidden until late 1930s when Stalin’s country-wide industrialization took place. When World War II began there was not nearly enough man power to go on, so all-girl brigades were recruited. 

During WWII 245,000 women worked in mines – 86% of all miners.

“Russia, They Write About Us” by Nikolai Karacharskov (1969)


M. Ostapenko, tram driver in Moscow (1951)

I’m trying to see if her dress is parachute-patterned, what do you think?

Young workers mount the transformer (1967)

Tamara Fomichyova, AN-2 pilot in Krasnodarsky krai of Russia. Works in agriculture. Photo by I. Zhuravlyov, published in Rabotnitsa (’Working Woman’) magazine in 1974.

August covers of Rabotnitsa magazine, 1970s